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Certified FAA Medical Examiner in Calvert County, MD

Flight Certification Exams

Welcome to Calvert Internal Medicine Group, your trusted destination for FAA exams in Prince Frederick, MD. As an FAA-certified Senior aviation medical examiner, Dr. Charles Judge is dedicated to ensuring the wellness and safety of our recreational and professional aviators.

FAA Class 1, 2, and 3 certificate exams are available at our Prince Frederick office.

Conveniently schedule your exam by contacting our office, where we prioritize same-day visits and multi-specialty offerings, providing comprehensive care all under one roof. Our commitment to continuity of care means that you can seamlessly transition from your primary care physician to our certified aviation medical examiner, experiencing integrated and personalized healthcare every step of the way.

Trust our full-service healthcare practice to meet your FAA exam needs with unwavering expertise and compassion. Give us a call and schedule your exam today.


Flight Certification Exams

Medical Check-Ups for Flight Certifications

FAA Medical Exam Services

Dr. Charles Judge is a Senior Aviation Medical examiner and can issue Class 1, 2, and 3 FAA medical certificates. Follow the link below to the FAA website, where you can register for a Medxpress account and enter your data prior to the office visit for your FAA Physical. This is required for all airmen.

MedXPress Account Registration

What to Bring:

  • All airmen who use glasses or contacts or both should bring them to the exam
  • If you have any significant medical problems, please bring in any documentation available at the time of the exam if you are not a patient of the Calvert Internal Medicine Group.
  • Any airman with a special issuance from the FAA should bring in the FAA special issuance letter and any required documentation to the visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a typical flight certification exam at Calvert Internal Medicine Group last?

The duration of a flight certification exam can vary based on the specific requirements of the exam, but most appointments typically last between 30 minutes to an hour.

Can I bring a companion or observer to my flight certification exam?

For privacy and security reasons, only the individual undergoing the flight certification exam will be allowed in the examination room. However, companions can wait in our comfortable waiting area during the appointment.

Are FAA certificate exams covered by health insurance?

No, FAA certificate exams are not billable to your insurance. The FAA requires that all airmen pay for their own exams. However, you may be able to submit the expense as a tax deduction.

How can I schedule an FAA medical exam near me?

Appointments are easy to make with Calvert Internal Medicine Group. If you’re a new patient, simply fill out our convenient online form. For returning patients, you can easily make an appointment online through your Patient Portal.

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