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About CIMG

Yes. However, we accept walk-ins for immunizations and routine lab work.

Yes. Please call our office to verify which of our physicians is taking new patients. Please ensure you select one of our Internal medicine physicians during your enrolment period as your Primary Care Physician (PCP) if required by your plan.

We have several convenient locations to serve you. Please click here to view our office locations.

About Your Visit

You should arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. This will allow for time to complete the check-in process and get you seated.

You should bring your license (or valid ID), Insurance card, list of current medications and any necessary paperwork.

We ask that you call our office 24hrs in advance if needing to cancel your appointment. You may also cancel your appointment by text and email reminder you received.

You as the patient must provide authorization for us to speak with a family member about your health information. Health information includes but is not limited to appointment information, balance, or laboratory results. You may provide written authorization in our office by completing a release form.

Employer & Occupational Services

Yes. Please call our office to schedule your next flight physical.

Yes. Your employer may already have scheduled your DOT physical on your behalf. Please verify with your employer first before scheduling your appointment.

Yes. Please bring your workers compensation claims information to your visit.

Patient Portal

You may enroll by utilizing our self-service check-in kiosk or by calling our office at 410-535-2005 and requesting access.

Please open our portal flyer page for answers to many common questions or you may call our office at 410-535-2005 for further assistance.

Physician & Prescription Questions

Yes, but you will need to leave a message for your provider first. As you can imagine your physician is busy during the day seeing patients and will need to schedule time to return your call if necessary.

We encourage you to utilize your patient portal account to submit messages to our staff and your physician. It’s a convenient and quick way to send a message.

For routine refills you should contact your local pharmacy 1st and request a refill. If no refills are available, the pharmacy will electronically send us a request for the refill. If the refill requires and office visit, we will contact you and advise. Otherwise, we will process the request submitted by the pharmacy within 24-48hrs. Please call your pharmacy to check the refill status as this is the preferred and quickest way to receive notice.

All other refills requests should be submitted through your patient portal account for fast and easy service. You may also call us at 410-535-2005 but this is the least efficient method and requires a message to be taken and forwarded to our refill department.

You may send us a message using your patient portal or you may call our office at 410-535-2005.

We ask you allow 24-48hrs for each refill request. Your physician may need to be contacted to approve. We appreciate your understanding.

No. You must schedule an appointment with your physician.

Insurance & Billing

Please be sure that you have provided our office with your most recent insurance. If you believe the bill should have been paid by your insurance, please contact the insurance company directly at the phone number on your card to confirm the following:

  • Your insurance is active, and you are covered for the date of service.
  • Ask for information regarding your deductible and coinsurance for this date of service.
  • Please call our office at 410-535-4651 if you have any additional questions.

Insurance plans can vary from patient to patient. Please contact your insurance company directly to verify your benefits and coverage information.

Please click the following link to see the insurances we accept. If yours is not listed, please call our billing office to verify.

You will be treated as a self-pay patient and asked to pay at time of service for your visit. We accept all major credit cards.

Please click the following link to read our financial policy.

You may reach our billing department by calling 410-535-4651 or you may send a secure message through your patient portal account.

Please provide your name and date of birth when calling regarding your account.

Your cost is determined by the services being provided along with your insurance coverage type.


No. We do not provide prescriptions in the office. We will print, fax or electronically submit your prescription to your pharmacy of choice.

No. We do not provide x-ray services in the office. If you are seen and the physician recommends you have an x-ray, a referral may be provided to a radiology facility to have the service performed.

Yes. When calling to schedule please inform the receptionist of your needs and we will make the necessary arrangements.

Yes. We offer laboratory testing for many common orders in our office.

If the immunization you are looking for isn’t listed, please call our office at 410-535-2005 or send a portal message to inquire.

  • T-dap
  • Tetanus
  • Pneumococcal (P-23)
  • Prevnar 13
  • Hepatitis A
  • Hepatitis B
  • Human Papilloma virus (HPV)
  • Meningococcal
  • Measles/Mumps/Rubella (MMR)
  • PPD, Vitamin B12 & Flu when in season.
  • Varicella (only available at our Market Square location)

You may request copies of your medical records by logging into your patient portal account and sending us a message. If you do not currently have a patient portal account you may click here and complete the appropriate authorization form. Either mail, fax or hand deliver the form to one of our offices to process the request.

No. We recommend you contact another healthcare facility if requesting this service.

No. We recommend you contact a local neurologist or psychiatrist if requesting this service.


Please dial 410-535-2005 and press option 5.

Please provide your name, date of birth, who is referring you and where you are being referred to.

If seen during your visit, you may be handed a paper referral to take with you. If not seen, you may call or use your patient portal to send a message to the referral department.

Please call our referral department or use your patient portal to inform the referral department. Your physician may be able to refer you to another office.